How to Start Marketing Your Local Business…

One of the questions I am asked most by business owners, especially those who do not have any marketing in place, is: “What can I do to bring in leads right away?” They explain to me the need to see a return on investment in whatever marketing they do.

In businesses where I have met owners and asked what works best for them with regards to their marketing, internet marketing is the top source for lead generation, outside of word-of-mouth, of course. This is also true for most of our clients as well (there’s always one or two exceptions). Studies I have read, show around 90% of people go to the internet when they have a need for a product or service.

Where to begin? You want to make sure you have a website that is optimized well/effectively with:

  • current, relevant information
  • clean, easy to navigate look and feel
  • good coding
  • someone/a company doing your SEO (search engine optimization)
  • someone/a company doing your SEM (search engine marketing)

If you do not have these things in place, you are missing opportunities…business. While SEM can be costly, especially if you are in a competitive industry, we liken it to a B12 shot…you feel it right away. It can propel you to the top (or side) of searches. But, it also depends on your spend each month and who you hire (their skill level).

SEO is effective but takes a bit more time. In addition to hiring an SEO expert, you can also do a lot to optimize your site on your own. Consider uploading “how to” or informational videos, blogging and/or making sure as many customer/clients post reviews wherever they can about you (that’s if they were pleased of course!).

A business typically cannot survive on word-of-mouth alone. It is very normal (not necessarily fun though, of course) to fluctuate with a great month and then a not-so-good month in sales when you aren’t doing ANY marketing. It’s just a fact of life and what is. So, if you want to know where you money is best invested (at least for the majority of local businesses out there)…internet marketing! Get on it!