Social Media Marketing…From “Word-of-Mouth” to “Word-of-Mouse”

What is Social Media?

It is the collaboration and sharing between the sender and receiver of online content—the brand and the consumer. Social media can include social networks, blogs, podcasts, forums, and online videos.

Something business owners may or may not know about is how to effectively develop a social media strategy to help build customer relationships (increase LTV…Lifetime Value) and augment their brand. In this day and age consumers are turning to the Internet and their friends to find out the facts for themselves. They search for the best and highest number of reviews, good online presence, and for companies recommended the most by fellow consumers. This is not very different from the old days of having a verbal conversation with your neighbor to see what company they used. The only change is that now people are talking to their neighbors and the world online to get this same feedback.

Some Benefits of a Social Media Campaign:

1)      As mentioned in a previous blog, about 90% of people go to the Internet to find what they need.

2)      Social media allows consumers to ask their friends about what company they should use for a service or buy a product from through quick and easy online communication.

3)      Social media also gives consumers a comfortable and convenient way to learn about your company and your brand (who you are, what you do, what you stand for, etc.) without having to speak to a salesperson or meet face-to-face.

4)      Social media pages can have a link that will connect viewers to your company’s website; this draws more traffic to your website and boosts your SEO.

5)      Remember that social media is a type of viral marketing/buzz marketing. This means that you can reach several other branches/groups of people through one person. Let social media work for you by maximizing your company’s online exposure!

The “How” of Social Media Marketing:

When working with social media marketing you can either target customers directly using social media display ads. This helps build up short-term results and quick return but does produce long-term results. You can also grow brand recognition by building up fans or “likes” on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on.  This latter way, is the approach to take to invest in long-term results for your company and brand value.

Where to Start:

Work with a social media expert and/or a marketing agency to help create an effective social media strategy for your business.   A social media specialist or social media manager can make blog posts, interact with people to gain awareness and much more, depending on your specific needs.  The goal is to get as many people as possible to know what you are talking about (whether tips, a contest with a fun give-away or what’s new in your industry…) and share it with others.

The Overall Goal:

It is all about the relationship and by using social media you help network your business…and often, you the business owner.  People want to know the real you and what you and your company stand for. Having an online presence and engaging consumers through online interaction can help build credibility, trust, and ultimately results in more profit for your bottom line. The overall goal is to use social media to attract more fans and visitors to your social media profile pages, build credibility, brand identity, create awareness, and grow your business!  Social Media represents a new way that people search and can find products and services online. Don’t miss out and get left behind – jump on the Social Media Bandwagon. It’s here to stay!