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Case Study - Electrician, Atlanta, GA
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Electrical Services Company Needing to Reduce Marketing Budget but Increase Sales

This client offers residential and commercial electrical services.  Because of the negative impact of the economy on commercial development, the client wanted to build out the residential side of the business to try and offset the loss on the commercial side over time.  When CCoA began working with the company in fall of 2010, they were investing over 30% of gross sales on average each month into their residential marketing efforts.  We all felt this was too high of a budget relative to what the company was grossing on the residential side.

After delving into the client’s needs, sales history and growth goals, CCoA and the client agreed that their marketing investment needed to be reduced by half from a 30% monthly average to a 15% monthly average. The focus was to make this reduced budget work as effectively as possible and still reach their growth goals. We continued with existing effective call-to-action mediums that could be tracked and measured as well as implemented new call-to-action efforts to increase calls and ultimately revenue.  In addition, CCoA’s goal was to provide and execute a solid, consistent direction amongst all marketing efforts so the owner and his team could better focus on other aspects of their business.

Since working with this client, CCoA has reduced their marketing budget to a healthy 15% of monthly revenue while increasing their overall residential sales by 30% year-to-date.



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