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Case Study - Leak, Atlanta, GA
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Building a Thriving Business as Part of an Exit Strategy for the Owners of a Leak Detection Company

After a tough year with sales down in 2008, the client was concerned about the outcome of 2009. In September of 2009, this client enlisted Consumer's Choice of Atlanta to help strengthen business performance to be attractive to potential buyers. Their goal was to sell the business and retire within five years. The client asked Consumer's Choice of Atlanta to partner with them to design and build marketing and sales systems to yield increased sales and revenue. 

After careful analysis, Consumer's Choice of Atlanta and the client determined a budget and direction that would help the client best reach their business objectives. This meant going from virtually no web presence to a strong web presence. This direction was the greatest opportunity for growth. From creating two custom splash pages (each targeted for the different division of services) to an SEO campaign and now an SEM campaign, the client's web presence is generating quality leads which have led to an increase in sales.

Outside of referrals, the internet is their second strongest lead source. The goal was to have the business break a million in sales before it would be ready to sell. As of October of 2010, the client's business is up 16% over last year cumulatively and on track to break a million in sales by the end of the year.




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